03 October, 2012

finally I sit and write....!!!

Yes finally, I'm back to write again...
I have been asked that what is the reason I'm not blogging and not seen online.. and my only reply was that I have been busy with work, have no time...I don"t attaend events.. blah!! blah!!!

well the truth is, its not that i have no content... but somehow I wasn't happy doing this.. writing something for which I have to think too hard.. Im pretty sure that lot of bloggers out there are doing great jobs and providing reviews about everything and I don"t need to do that.
Kudos to them for the job they do..

I think I'm happy in my own fantasy life... where I expect everyone to be content and positive.. I hate negativity and can't stand it at all....
Recently I met a beautiful person who has actually influenced me to the core.. probably one day I would become as humble a person as she is... and yes a very big reason for why I am writing this post...

One sentence from her actually broke some of my fake notions.. and gave me a reason to smile..
Here I was all confused trying to put all the things together in my life.. and I met her.. and realised i was vaguely running here and there.. whereas eveything was just right there..

Thanks for reminding me that happiness comes in smallest packages...

Im glad im doing what I think I can do.. write about myself and not judge the world...
it is a better place to live than we even think of..!!

"Hope and believe"

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15 July, 2012

Lovely bloggers..!!!!!

Well,  this is one post I've been planning to do from long...!!!!
Pobably from the time i started blogging (not so long ok...), it all started when i started bumping into so many blogs appearing on my fb page...!!! seriously had no idea so much is happening.. and then i saw Komal's blog... www.thedelhifashionblogger.com (now she has a domain) and i loved it..
Eventually blogathon happened and I got to know so many other bloggers.... don't know about all.. but some I met were pretty nice people..!!
and here I want to take the opportunity to thank and mention each one of these beautiful bloggers, who aspire me that blogging is a whole new life to live..!!!

So here I want to thank each one of you.
they have their styles and their own Idea...  which are unique in their own way.
Here they are.

1.Komal Khulbe.

an absolutely stunning blogger, who lives her life her very own way..!! we met through her online jewel store, and i must tell you she is amazing at it.. her views and ideas are so direct and fascinating that you won't mind incorporating them in your regular lives.

2. Apurva

She is a lady to admire, I love the stability in her, the way she carries herself. her personality very much reflects in her blog..!! no wonder I'm so inclined to visit her FB page again and again.
i'm glad we met at the blogathon event. visit her blog or some serious fashion.

3. Bharti Puri

A very cute blogger that met was Bharti...  don't judge her by her name. she is one free human being who has her own versatile style and yes she is crazy like her blog name "CrazyPopLock". I think life means fun to her, and her blog is one of those creative ones..
indeed i was overwhelmed to meet her, her blog is a must visit for haul posts.

4. Nidhii

One of the youngest bloggers that I've met, and don't go on her age..!! a way to ahead girl and has a perfect fashion sense, anybody around looking for chic casual dressing posts. do take a look at her blog.  but a very pretty girl who knows her ways right. I absolutely admire her. (sorry didn't have your card)

5. Awungshi

 she is one of the intelligent bloggers, why I call her that because she is an aspiring doctor, yes you read it right..she is an aspiring doctor who wears her apron with a fashion blogger tag.
An extremely humble person, look for her blog if you love giveaways.

"hope none of you above have any doubts about above, if you don't like anything please do let me know, i'll appreciate the feedback"

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